Our Legacy

Our Legacy

The Myosotis Trust was registered with the Charity Commission in 1996.

Myosotis is the botanical name for the forget-me-not flower

Ever since, the charity has worked tirelessly toward improving the provision of primary care health service to the most vulnerable in the community of Barlad, providing play and education for children with learning disabilities and encouraging young people to undertake activities in their community to benefit the development of youth.

There are no paid UK staff and all money raised in the UK goes to funding the projects that are run in Romania.

The Romanian NGO employs the staff who run the projects, raises funds and relates to the needs of the community. The NGO constantly monitors the needs of the local community and ensures that the projects run by the charity are relevant to the needs of the locality and that standards are of a high level.

One of the most important aspects of the work of Myosotis is that it is accepted and seen as providing high standards of performance in all the projects it runs and that its integrity enabled it to develop a working partnership with the local community and authorities.

It has taken many years to develop a partnership with the local Town Council, but now this is a reality, with joint projects being developed and funded. This joint working has enabled an out of hours doctors led emergency service to be operated from the NGO’s health centre in Barlad.

Carol receives honorary citizenship of Barlad in 2016

Since its creation, the charity has provided an opportunity for change following a legacy of Communist rule in Romania. Without the support of individuals in the UK, thousands of children and adults would not have benefited from the service Myosotis provides. These individual donations have made it possible to achieve so much good work and you can be part of that team, too. Support our programs and projects further so that the lives of thousands of people in Romania be improved.