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Health Center

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The Myosotis Health Centre was first opened in 1999 to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged people of Barlad. Those registered at the Health Centre today tend to have a minimum income, large families and a very low level or no education.

Our current work focuses on the Health of Women and Families and we provide:

  • Health Education,
  • Ante-natal,
  • Family Planning, Gynecological Clinic,
  • Breast awareness, Breast Prosthesis Clinic, Breast Cancer Support Group.

Despite the fact that there is a Governmental Program for Family Planning in Romania, reproductive health still remains a major national problem and, as proved in most of the cases, an obscure and unknown concept.

According to current legislation only people paying health insurance can benefit by free family planning methods which leaves the most poor and therefore needy people in Romania outside the scheme.

Unfortunately, there are major flaws in the medical system in Romanian and it is not easily available free of charge. In the rural areas especially, there is a shortage of qualified medical staff and GPs choose not to do family planning as that is not a medical service which the Ministry of Health pays for. 

We currently employ a gynaecologist to provide sessions and we hope to employ a GP to provide the full range of family services, but so far we have been unable to attract one as more and more of the new graduates rush to leave Romania.