Young Volunteers

Young Volunteers

By this program we wish to develop the potential of the young generation in Romania so that they learn to take responsibilities and become more proactive and supportive within their community.

We have a fantastic group of about 40 young volunteers who run many of our activities for us. These teenagers are a group of dedicated, unpaid volunteers and are a tremendous help and huge asset to us. All of them had to go through a selection process of self-introduction, CV and finally an interview with the project manager.

  • The young volunteers run the local Guides and Scouts groups where we have local children aged 8 to 13 in attendance;
  • Each summer the young volunteers organise the Summer Camp for the guides and scouts and for the children with handicap;
  • The volunteers organise fundraising activities such as fairs, sponsored walks, the local Myosotis Ball, raffles and Christmas shows.

Guides and Scouts

Summer Camp

Homework first!

In addition to the invaluable support the charity receives from volunteers in Barlad, we are also keen to hear from anyone interested in helping with fundraising and administration in the UK.