Casa Esme

Casa Esme

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Casa Esme was established to offer rehabilitation and education for children with special needs. In a happy and relaxed environment, we offer children with special needs aged 4+ activities and therapies to work towards school integration or to maximize their potential through stimulation activities.

Our school is a bright, creative centre of excellence in the area and we have specialised staff who provide the necessary educational and emotional support the children and their families need.

We really couldn’t have done this without your help. We would like to send a million thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to support the work that the Casa Esme Day Centre carries out for the special needs children in Barlad.

Our children have a wide spectrum of needs and a number have been helped to develop to the stage where they have gone onto integration within local schools. Though, some of our young people are unable to do this and at the age of 11 they leave our education program. However, in 2010 we started an afternoon club for these youngsters which is currently run 2 days a week and is supported by Casa Esme staff and volunteers.

We receive referrals from government agencies as well as directly from families. There is a waiting list of children to come to Casa Esme and we know there are many other children who could benefit from our care if we had sufficient funds to develop further.

We receive a payment for the Romanian Government for each child in our program, but currently it only covers 1/3rd of the running costs. We recognize the ongoing needs of these children and want to develop more services for them. Any little donation from you will help us continue and develop our programmes further.